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Emmanuelle Choussy is pleased to have worked with #1 bestselling authors such as: Emily Giffin, Marc Levy, Douglas Kennedy, and also with individuals & companies for 15 years.


The photographer has been working with celebrities for the press (editorials, portraits), for the CBS studios or during events like the Hollywood Beauty Awards.


Fashion has always been a passion: Emmanuelle Choussy won the award of “Best Photographer” at the annual Hollywood Beauty Awards in 2015. She is delighted to help brands to bring their image to a higher level. References below.


Emmanuelle (and her partners when required) never hesitate to go on location in order to provide press and photo-agencies with documentaries: Nasa, Disneyland, Fender, JFK… All the topics are treated with the same professional rigour.


The Studio is fully equiped to provide our clients with products/pack shots photography. We can also come on location with all the required lighting gear to photograph furniture, decoration, interiors, houses… See references below.


Emmanuelle is TÉLÉSTAR’s official partner, in duo with Franck Ragaine, permanent correspondent. David Hasselhof, Eric Braeden, Sylvie Vartan and many others, were filmed for exclusive interviews. We also film corporate interviews, talents reels…

  • Angela Mara
  • BÚBÚ Mexico
  • Maison Mère
  • Dubey and Schaldenbrand
  • Zaid Affas
  • Bobo House
  • Monica Couture (Pakistan)
  • APM Monaco
  • Antoanetta jewelry
  • Red Velvet Swim
  • Titelle Couture
  • Le Dessein
  • Butterfly Zebra
  • Blue Glue Bikinis
  • Diva mariage
  • Max Chaoul
  • Eco Without Borders
  • The Goddess Jewelry…
  • Pitchoun Bakery Los Angeles (food, lifestyle)
  • Maca Trim (merchandising)
  • Dubey and Schaldenbrand luxury watch
  • Wines of the World (merchandising)
  • Carole Decombe gallery (vintage furniture)
  • La Cuisine Gourmande (food)
  • Helixir Paris (fruits, vegetables, cocktails)
  • The Goddess Jewelry (jewelry)
  • Emily Giffin
  • Marc Levy
  • Douglas Kennedy
  • Deborah King…

Photo-documentaries published in:

  • Le Parisien magazine (Spiderman, Ratatouille)
  • The Good Life (Fender, Los Angeles…)
  • Le JDD (Oliver Stone, JFK)
  • Ouest France (JFK)
  • Nice Matin (JKK)
  • LATF USA magazine(Makeover)
  • Quincy Jones
  • Oliver Stone
  • Paris Hilton
  • Octavia Spencer
  • Billy Bob THORNTON
  • David Hasselhof
  • Sylvie Vartan
  • Ian Ziering
  • Linda Gray
  • Eric Braeden
  • Sabrina Carpenter
  • Don Diamont
  • John MC Cook
  • Katherine-Kelly Lang
  • Ashleigh Brewer
  • Rena Sofer
  • Kym Whitley
  • Nathan Fillion
  • Bob Mackie
  • Trai Byers
  • Melissa Claire Eagan
  • Karla Mosley
  • Andrew Howard
  • Jessy Schram
  • Mikki LEIGH
  • Elle Evans
  • Samy Naceri
  • Kev Adams
  • Ilona Smet
  • Bruno Salomone
  • Jérôme Commandeur
  • KILOGRAPH. Los Angeles
  • AIRBUS, Toulouse
  • TÉLÉSTAR magazine (filmed interviews)
  • Partner of L’Alliance Francaise of Los Angeles (annual gala, public events…)
  • Hollywood Beauty Awards (produced by LATF USA)
  • Confrérie du Sabre d’Or (Worldwide Champagne club)
  • France USA Media agency
  • Wines of the World
  • Locks of Love / Les Cheveux du Coeur (annual charity event)
  • Private corporate events