With over 15 years experience, we help our clients to look more approachable and professional with contemporary business portraits, lifestyle and corporate photo-documentaries.

The Studio is producing photo-sessions to help business professionals portray themselves in the best light on platforms such as LinkedIn, business or personal websites, social media pages, blogs and company branding materials.

The subject matter varies from industrial premises and equipment, through products and processes, to corporate events and personnel.


MARVEL’s producer Avi ARAD, SONY studios, USA

Having a corporate headshot is a significant factor in how we present ourselves, and is one of the best ways to market yourself as a business professional.


Documentary JPL/NASA, Pasadena.

“Mission to Mars/Curiosity”: photo-documentary realised in collaboration with France USA Media agency for The Good Life magazine, France.


Ning WANG, architect, A.N.D. agency, France.

Our creative team will assist you to capture the best of you for corporate purposes, print publications and social networks.


Corporate documentary FENDER’s Los Angeles.

We will surely assist you to capture accurate photographs for advertising, promotion and documentation purposes.


NASA/JPL Pasadena, SII, FENDER California, AIRBUS France, LÉGAPÔLE Toulouse, KILOGRAPH Los Angeles, VAPIANO France, ANGELOTTI promotion, TÉLÉSTAR France, ALLIANCE FRANCAISE of Los Angeles, ODDOS BURO, EXCENT, ENAC, La TOULOUSAINE, VALIANTYS, HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY AWARDS, Confrérie du Sabre d’Or (Worldwide Champagne club), FRANCE USA MEDIA Los Angeles, WINE OF THE WORLD Los Angeles, PITCHOUN Bakery, La Palette Rouge…

Marc Levy by Emmanuelle Choussy